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The problem …

Universities these days are subject to many tests, ratings and measurements … REAs, TQAs … all of these leave out one vital factor, in fact the one most important measure of the quality of a university. What is this elusive measure?

Duck Density

That's right, the ultimate mark of a university's prowess and brilliance is its Duck Density. In recognition of this fact, has been set up so that those who have the dilemma of where to spend the next three or four years of their life can be truly informed … and so that those who've already made the decision can have a bit of fun ;-)

Help Needed …

The technology behind this exciting, indeed essential, project has now been completed and has gone live.

Right now we need your help to establish the water resource and preliminary duck counts for all the universities around the country. This will then allow you the chance to rate your university by its Duck Density, and see how others rate theirs. Join the campaign and help us promote Duck Density at your university.

Power usage graphs are duck shaped

Who would have thought it, but typical power usage graphs are duck shaped. An online report Tesla kills the duck with big batteries shows a graph of power usage through the day, and explains how large batteries are being used to smooth out the requirements without using gas fueled power stations.

Posted by Tim on 3rd February 2017, 12:18 #

Ducks added to endangered species list.

The BBC reports that four UK birds species have been added to an endangered species list. This includes two duck species, pochards and Slavonian grebes. There are now five different duck species within the eight birds on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species for birds.

Posted by Tim on 15th November 2015, 16:29 #

Environmental concerns from feeding bread to ducks

The BBC reports on the perils of feeding bread to ducks. Wildfowl don't respond well to high bread diets, however the problems are far wider, with uneaten and undigested bread attracting bacteria into the local environment.

Here at Duck Density, we acknowledge that bread can be used as 'Duck Encouragement' to obtain photographs of high duck density, as usually the ducks flock towards the food, however this should be done sparingly to prevent excessive bread being left in the area.

Posted by Tim on 18th March 2015, 13:41 #

Giant rubber ducks

Taiwan has several giant inflatable ducks, towering some 18 metres tall. Sadly the BBC reports that one exploded in the port at Keelung just before new years eve.

The ducks are designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, but it is not the first time the ducks have had problems, with one deflating in Hong Kong harbour in 2013

Posted by Tim on 12th February 2014, 16:35 #

Great Yorkshire Duck Race

An attempt to break the world record for the number of plastic racing ducks is being attempted by The Great Yorkshire Duck Race. This charity event takes place on the 9th August at Bolton Abbey. They are racing over a 1km stretch of the River Warfe, so no doubt we will see a very high density of plastic ducks.

Posted by Tim on 18th July 2009, 11:30 #

Become a fan on Facebook

Duck Density now has a page on Facebook.

Become a fan of Duck Density

Posted by Tim on 16th August 2008, 23:29 #

Duck race cancelled over red tape

The BBC reports that a duck race has been cancelled due to red tape.

New saftey concerns have meant that the local council requested a road closure before the Duck Race could take place, yet they were not prepared to fund it, and the organisers cannot afford to pay the 3000 required as it would impact too much on the money they plan to raise for charity.

Posted by Tim on 5th April 2007, 23:58 #

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Top 5 universities

UniversityDuck Density
East Anglia2.8

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