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Duck Related Products

Here are a list of duck related products we have come across. If you have a duck related product you would like us to feature please e-mail us with information. If you are able to supply us with a sample of your product we will review it and include the review here also.

Carved Wooden Ducks

The Duck Company produces a range of hand carved wooden ducks, ducklets and ducklings. Each duck is unique, and individually named.

The Duck Company - from 11.95

Bathtime Baby Ducks

Splash time again, add these 4 colourful baby ducks to play with in your bath.

Early Learning Centre - 6.00

Duck Race Products

Ducks for racing

Just Ducks have a range of weighted ducks for racing. The weights help the ducks stay upright during a race.

Duck Related Products - No longer available

These are products we previoussly listed, however they do not appear to be available any longer. If you know otherwise, or have started stocking them please let us know.

Rubba Ducks

The official Rubba duck. These are now available for purchase in the UK from The Duck of York.

Previously from: The Duck of York - from 7.90


The i-Duck is a USB 1.1 flash memory drive. When plugged into your computer’s USB port, the i-Duck will light up.

Previously from: - from 59.00

Duck Christmas lights

Completely quackers festive lights! - a string of 20 Christmas lights, all shaped like ducks.

Previously from: - from 24.95/p>

Ducks that change colour

These ducks change from one vibrant colour to another when they are placed in hot water, or anywhere they experience dramatic temperature change. The transformation is almost instant and each duck is different so black changes to pink and purple to blue etc.

Previously from: Hawkings Bazaar - 2.99

Fluffy Duck Hot Water Bottle Cover

Cuddle up to something hot in bed this winter -- a ridiculously cute Fluffy Duck. Gorgeously strokeable, the Fluffy Duck is a beautifully sunny yellow, and even comes with the hot water bottle built in.

Previously from: - 12.95

Rubba Ducks Review

The Duck of York previously imported Rubba Ducks into the UK from the USA. They kindly sent us some samples, a Rubba duck called Happy, a devil duck key ring, and some "devil ducky" pencil top ducks. This is a review of the products, but unfortunatley they no longer appear to be available.

Rubba ducks come in many different styles, and the "Happy" duck we were sent for review is bright yellow, with happy looking black beak. Rather bizarrely it has a small smiley face on the end of its tail. The ducks is constructed of a sturdy vinyl, and has a quality feel to it. The ducks are apparently imported from America, but they are made in China.

The devil duck key ring is made from lighter, more flexible material, similar to a squeezable stress toy. Fastened to its head it has a short silver coloured chain with a spring loaded hook/clip on the end. It is designed to be clipped on to an existing key ring, rather than straight onto your keys. This duck is a red colour with small black horns, designed to look like a devil. It also has a black tail and smiley yellow beak.

The pencil top ducks have are called "Itty-Bitty Devil Duckies". There are six of them in the packet, which on the back has the amusing line "Perfect for craft projects, bingo markers or as a decoy for really tiny ducks". There are six different colours in the pack, and they are styled just the same as the devil duck key ring, just far smaller, and without the chain. They have a hole in their underside to accept a pencil or pen.

Top 5 universities

UniversityDuck Density
East Anglia2.8

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