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Get involved!

How you can get involved in Duck Density

By counting ducks! You yourself can get involved in this most essential of projects by counting the ducks at your own university. First find your university's information page on the site, and review it's defined water resource and duck catchment area. Count the number of ducks within this area and add this value to the site.

Adding your university

If your university is not listed, then you will have more work to do - you will first need to define the water area and duck catchment area of your university, and email us so that it can be added to the site. Please send an email to giving us the definition for the water resource at your university, your estimate of its area, and an inital duck count for the university.

Join the campaign

In an attempt to promote the awareness of Duck Density, we are emailing student unions across the country, asking them to help get the students involved in counting ducks. You too can help promote Duck Density, by asking your university friends to help count, and by putting up some of our posters.

Top 5 universities

UniversityDuck Density
East Anglia2.8

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