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Rubber Duck Finally Removed From Dog

From MSN Xtra News, New Zeland ...

A rubber duck sat in a dog's stomach for five years before being removed by Swedish vets last week, a local newspaper said ...

Google News is a wonderful thing ;-) I've got some more duck-related gems to post over the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.

Update: Al Disley writes ...

Here's the original of that story you posted...

Summary: young dog eats rubber duck, owner advised will pass through the natural way, dog ill 5 years later, intact but now blackened rubber duck removed in a $2000 operation, owner comments that it must have been a good quality rubber duck and plans to keep it as an heirloom.

including a photo!

Posted by Tom on 20th April 2005, 09:08 #

Top 5 universities

UniversityDuck Density
East Anglia2.8

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