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The University of Birmingham

[Map showing this university's water resource]

The lake is the blue circle towards the top of the map. The canal runs to the left of campus on the map.

Duck Density:
0.4 ducks/rood
Water resource:
The lake in the accommodation area known as "The Vale", and also the length of the canal past the university.
37.5 roods (38000 m2)
Ducks / Student:

University Information

The University was founded in 1900 by the citizens of Birmingham who wanted their own university to train and educate the people who would create and manage the burgeoning businesses and industries of the midlands.It was natural, given the nature of Birmingham's industry, that the University should, from the start, teach the major scientific and engineering disciplines. It was also the first UK university to establish a Faculty of Commerce and incorporate a medical school. The modern University is equally distinguished in the humanities, education, social sciences and law.

The main University campus at Edgbaston is outstanding among UK universities. It is spacious and attractive with lawns, trees, a lake and pleasant spaces between the different buildings. It was one of the first 'redbrick' universities and is said to be the origin of the term. The buildings, which reflect changing architectural styles through the twentieth century, are grouped around the central Chancellor's Court with the 100-metre (327ft 6in) high Chamberlain clock tower which honours the University's first Chancellor, Joseph Chamberlain. The spectacular Great Hall and Aston Webb Crescent are buildings of self-confidence and majesty.

Top 5 universities

UniversityDuck Density
East Anglia2.8

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