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The University of Wales, Aberystwyth

[Map showing this university's water resource]

The water area is shown in pink on this map of the town.

Duck Density:
0.0 ducks/rood
Water resource:
110 roods (111000 m2)

University Information

Founded in 1872, Aberystwyth was the first university institution to be established in Wales. Today, it has over 7,000 registered students, including over 1,100 postgraduates across eighteen academic departments.

The institution is committed to developing its reputation as a provider of high quality teaching and excellence in research. It aims to fulfil its special responsibility for the educational needs of Wales, and to maintain and develop partnerships with industry and other institutions both within Wales and beyond, and also to promote collaboration in teaching and research between the constituent parts of the University of Wales.

Top 5 universities

UniversityDuck Density
East Anglia2.8

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